It’s a question that I’m asked all the time and my responses can be different depending upon what I’m actually specialising in.

Thought I would explain with my personal story…

I met with a mother, daughter and granddaughter the other day.

The mother had just sold her home and moving in with her daughter. All were really worried about meeting a financial adviser as they were unclear of what a financial adviser can help them with.

Anyway, the story about her financial position, Centrelink implications, granny flat provisions, financial advice, etc became quite irrelevant to my story as it was what happened following our meeting is what my story is about.

The daughter called me the very next morning just to thank me.
She explained how relieved they were to find someone like me and I responded with “I haven’t done anything yet?”.

She went onto say how her mother does not open up to anyone quite so freely and how I was able to get all of this other information that even her own family didn’t know about.

She said that from this meeting, they were able to have open and honest discussions as a family before I provide them with financial advice.

This made me realise something very important about what a financial adviser does and has nothing to do with the technical aspect of what a financial adviser does at all?

To me, it’s being able to be empathic to their situation, not sympathetic or making judgements.

It’s being able to delve down deep to retrieve core problems and these qualities, I believe, cannot be taught as I think its embedded in my DNA.

I’m so lucky and grateful to be in a profession that requires these unique qualities.

So, this is what a financial adviser does!

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